Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) shall govern the provision of the ‘Housejoy Mart Delivery Services by Sarvaloka Services-on-call Private Limited (“Housejoy”), a company having its registered office at SM Tower, No. 261, Domlur, 2nd Stage, 2nd Phase, Bangalore 560071. These Terms shall form part of and hereby incorporate by reference, the Housejoy Terms of Use available at [●] and Housejoy’s Privacy Policy available at [●] (“Housejoy App Terms”).

Delivery Services” shall mean and include the delivery services offered by Housejoy Mart in accordance with the terms herein, which shall permit a “User” of the Housejoy web and m-web , app platforms to request a Housejoy employee to purchase such products specified by the User and deliver such products to the delivery location specified by the User.

The term “Services” as used in Housejoy Terms shall include the Delivery Services.

Housejoy offers the Delivery Services subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Use of the Delivery Services is subject to the User’s acceptance of and continued compliance with the Housejoy App Terms. Users may not use the Delivery Services without first reading and accepting the Housejoy App Terms and these Terms.
  2. The Delivery Services are offered by Housejoy in select cities only.  
  3. A User may request for the purchase of products by uploading a photograph on the App and paying the specified booking fee. A User may avail of the Delivery Services for purchase and delivery of the following categories of products:
    1. Grocery and staples;
    2. Fruits and vegetables; 
    3. Medicine; and
    4. Select frozen meats
  4. Upon receipt of a request from a User, Housejoy shall, on a best efforts basis, look to deploy a delivery executive to purchase the requested products and deliver them to the selected location. The User may not specify the seller of the products, and Housejoy shall purchase the requested products from a merchant convenient to Housejoy.
  5. All payments for Delivery Services shall be made through online modes on, via or through the App. Housejoy does not accept and shall not be responsible to record any cash payments in relation to the Delivery Services. The User shall make payments at such times as Housejoy may require.
  6. Housejoy offers the Delivery Services on an “as-is”, “as-available”, and on a best efforts basis. Housejoy does not guarantee that any product will be available for purchase using the Delivery Services. The User agrees that Housejoy by itself does not sell or provide any products, and Housejoy is not responsible for the quality, merchantability, or fitness of such products. 
  7. Housejoy is not liable for and shall not provide any refunds or replacements in relation to any completed order for any reasons. 
  8. Housejoy may, at its absolute discretion, add, modify, upgrade, extend, or withdraw the Delivery Services at any time. Housejoy does not guarantee that the Delivery Services will be uninterrupted or error-free. 
  9. Use of the Delivery Services shall be as per applicable laws. Purchase of allopathic medicinal products is allowed only upon presentation of a clear, valid and legible prescription issued by a registered medical practitioner. 
  10. Housejoy shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from a User’s use of the Delivery Services, including  but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and/or consequential damages.
  11. Housejoy may cancel the order initiated by a User on the App, in the event:
    1. the designated address is incorrect or outside the service area;
    2. failure to get User response via phone or other communication channel at time of confirmation.
    3. the order involves purchase of medicines and a valid prescription has not been uploaded;
    4. if the Order cannot be completed for reasons beyond the control of Housejoy;
    5. unavailability of delivery personnel;
    6. unavailability of the products.
    7. logistical reasons or denying of approvals to deliver

Where an order is cancelled by Housejoy for reasons other than those attributable to the User, Housejoy shall refund any amounts paid by the Users for the products.  

  1. A User may cancel an Order until such time as the User confirms the purchase of the products. The advance service fee shall be forfeited by the User in the case of any cancellation. All refunds shall be subject to Housejoy’s sole discretion.